Catering Special Offers

Dragon Palace Seafood Hotpot

Specialties in Shark’s fin, abalone and swallow bird’s nest.
The restaurant’s objectives are to use authentic ingredients, traditional cooking method and without any artificial ingredients. 
 business hours:10:00am--11:00pm
Golden Peninsula Chiu Chow Restaurant

Serves the best traditional Chiu Chow cuisine and Specialties Dim Sum. Suitable for every need, have a great time with your friends and families.

Special Offer: Monday to Sunday (except holiday), before 11:30 am put in order, selected Dim Sum all 6.8 RMB

business hours:7:30am--2:30pm  4:00pm--11:00pm
Caesar Coffee Restaurant

Offers famous Western and Eastern cuisine. Caesar is ideal place for business and friends gathering.
business hours:7:30am--12:00pm